Our Products

Our product range is wide enough to accommodate chemicals for all applications.

 In fact, you name a chemical- we will source it for you. Our products are used in various applications in a vast range of industries, some of the prominent are:The Complete Product Catalogue which we handle are:

Our Products

Acetic Acid (CH₃COOH) 

HSN Code: 29152100

Bleaching Powder Ca(OCl)₂

HSN Code: 28281010

Citric acid Monohydrate

HSN Code: 29181400

Formic acid CH₂O₂

HSN Code: 29151100

Formaldehyde CH₂O

HSN Code: 29121100

Glycerine C₆H₁₂O₆

HSN Code: 29054500

Hydrogen peroxide H₂O₂

HSN Code: 28470000

Hydrochloric acid (HCI)

HSN Code: 28061000

Lime Ca(OH)₂

HSN Code: 2522100

Nitric acid (HNO₃)

HSN Code: 28080010

Phosphoric acid H₃PO₄

HSN Code: 28092010

Sulphuric acid H₂SO₄

HSN Code: 28070010

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)

HSN Code: 28289090

Soda ash Na₂CO₃·10H₂O

HSN Code: 28362020

Caustic Soda Flakes (NaOH)

HSN Code: 28151190

Maa Durga Chemicals is a leading wholesaler of chemical products in India. We’re the leading importer and supplier of Chemicals and Acids. Satisfying the demands of our Customers both in Government and Private Sectors with best quality material and timely execution of the material is the motto of our Company.

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